Dinosaur Party

23rd Oct 2013


Max’s favourite thing at the moment is dinosaurs so of course a Dino themed party was needed.

I talked though the ideas with Max’s mum who also booked us last year for his 3rd party. He also loves crafts so a plan was formed.

For the first half of the party the children decorated cool Dinosaur masks with pens, stickers, gems and glitter. They had great fun and made some amazing masks. I really wish I had some photos for you of the end results but we had lots to fit into this party so I didn’t have time for any snap shots I’m afraid.

And, what would a Dinosaur party be with out a fossil hunt?! So we of course, we had one! I sourced some great fossils on line and then created 5 excavation sites for the children. They had brush’s and their task was to uncover an Aminite and Fossilised Sharks tooth.

This was so much fun. I know they would enjoy it but heir little faces when they found one was just priceless.


Dinosaur Party


This was the email we received after the party form Max’s mum 🙂

“Thank you so much for coming to Max’s birthday party it was a triumph, everything I expected and more.  The dinosaur mask making was a huge success, as was the fossil hunt. Perfect party ideas for someone like my son who is so into dinosaurs. Thank you for taking the time to design a party that was thoroughly enjoyed by Max and all his friends both boys and girls, we will definitely be back  again next year!”

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