Decopatch – Perfect for children’s parties

23rd Apr 2012


I heard about Decopatch around a year ago while I was researching new craft parties.

You can decorate almost anything with Decopatch (wood, metal, glass, papier mache and ceramic) and it can get a little addictive when you see the amazing results. I spent hours in front of the TV and gave myself a numb bum decopatching a rocking horse last year…you have been warned!

The range of beautiful and fun Decopatch papers have increased tenfold in the last few years and I love looking at and picking new styles for parties. There is something for everyone, from music notes, to pretty butterflies and Army camouflage.


Decopatch papers in pink

Decopatch papers in pink


As well as being able to pick almost anything in your home and transform it you can also buy lots of great papier mache items online and in craft shops. These are great for parties and weekend craft time at home (It’s not very messy). One of my favourite items is decorating your initials. The children love this craft party and they end up taking something home that they have created and that looks fantastic.

After teaching art in a primary school I have learnt to not be too OCD about children’s crafts but it is nice when they have a finished piece and you can tell what it is.


Decopatch Party

Decopatch party in full swing


Do you think your child would like a Decopatch Party? If so then it’s best for children aged 6 and over. A good rule is the younger the child then the smaller the group the better and a Top Tip – use the brush to pick up the paper, it will stop gluey fingers.

I would love to see photo’s of your Decopatch crafts so pop me them over to me and I will try and blog them with a shout out to you or your child.

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