#Danceathon for Comic Relief

9th Mar 2015


Yesterday I spent 6 hours, pretty much non stop (apart from grabbing swigs of water) at Wembley dancing.

I’m just going to say it again 6 hours dancing.

I didn’t even dance for that long on nights out in my early 20’s with a ton of alchole inside me. My feet are a lot less sore than they were last night and I can get up the stairs and back down again so that’s good. I am very tired though and very much looking forward to bed time again.

It was all for an amazing cause and I managed to raise £215 with the help of some amazing friends and lovely parents in Fleet. I did it all as part of Team Honk. Team Honk was founded by three lovely ladies and bloggers called Tanya, Annie & Penny. They have been doing great things for Red Nose Day for years. This year Comic Relief asked them to join in with the Danceanthon and help raise even more money and awareness of where that money goes.

As of today Team Honk has raised just over 29 thousand pounds and it’s still going up!

I was joined by my amazing friend Sarah Kate who also raised over £200 and together and as a team we did it.


Danceathon - Comic Relief Comic Relief Danceathon


This is a short video with all the bits I managed to get while dancing. (Warning there are lots of flashing lights).

A big well done to all 2000 people that took part and a very big well done to the Team Honk members some of whom raised over £1000


If you would like to donate to Red Nose day you still can here




8 Responses to “#Danceathon for Comic Relief”

  1. Fab, you managed to get loads of clips there! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂 #Honk!

  2. Penny says:

    Aw I am loving seeing how fresh faced everyone started, and how wilted we all were by the end. Well done you two!

  3. Helen Neale says:

    Great clips there – I was rubbish doing the video thang – looks like you had a ball, and massive congrats on raising all that money as well!

  4. It really was an incredible day. I’m loving reading all these posts – brings back very happy memories.

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