Crayon Art

15th Jun 2012


Who ever the first person was to do this, I take my cyberspace hat of you to.

I would love to know how you figured out the process that got you glueing crayons onto a canvas and meting them into an cool work of art.

I stumbled across a piece of crayon art on Pintrest a few months ago and knew I had to give it ago. Since then I have seen lots of variations on the idea and have been thinking about what I could do that was a bit different.

It’s quite hard. To re create something you have seen done many times before but with your own twist.

I have been a bit obsessed with balloons this week and it turned out to be my inspiration.

I’m going to guild you though the very simple steps to creating Crayon Art. It’s so simple in fact I am going to do an another one next week with the colours that got rejected the first time around.


1. Purchase a canvas (I just got a cheap one from an art store in town for £7)

2. Purchase a good section of Crayons, I brought around 120 but only used the pink, green, blue orange and purple.



Divide the bright from the dull


3. Lay out the crayons on your canvas. You can have them in a line like me (portrait or landscape) or you can create a shape for e.g a heart (this looks so cute). Just Google Image or Pintrest Crayon art for tons more inspiration and ideas.

4. Glue gun all the crayons on to the canvas so they are secure.

5. Place your canvas on a sheet or newspaper and cover the wall behind and to the sides. Be warned the wax can fly off the edges.

6. Get a hair dryer and start working your way along the crayons melting each colour section as you go. Don’t have the hair dryer on to high a power as the melted crayon will splat everywhere. Something I found fun, and that created the effect of lots of colour and wax and the top but only a few long lines was, to go along the line a couple of times then going back but heating the already melted wax just under the crayons, chasing it down the canvas.


Crayon Art

still with the paper on


7. I cut out a paper template and glued this to the canvas with pritstick this meant the wax ran over the paper and did not affect the area of canvas I wanted to leave white. I simply peeled the paper off at the end when the wax was dry and stuck on my orange figure and balloons. I used thread to create the balloon strings. You could cut out your initial or a word to add a new dimension to your crayon art.



Crayon Art

great fun - love the results


Go on give it a go this weekend, with your kids or on your own you will love it.



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