Craft Book Challenge

2nd May 2012


I have a very large collection of art & craft books in my home. Some I purchased after being inspired by certain collections at museums, some I was given as presents and some came from my university days and the times when I had dissertations to research and designs to conjure up. However the majority of my collection is made up from old school art books which were lovingly collected by Mrs Wood, a teacher at my primary school, and one of my mum‘s friends.

My mum took over Mrs Wood’s class when she retired and, for years, she didn’t know what to do with the boxes of books that she had inherited. She couldn‘t throw them away, but didn‘t need them all (she has her own large collection) and so when I started Buttons mum was delighted – it meant more room in her classroom and less in my office!


Children's craft books

A small selection


So the challenge I have set myself is to create something from each one of my books every week. My hope is that you will be inspired to make some creations of your own with your children (or maybe even without them!) and also get some ideas for great craft parties that you can host yourself or Buttons Children’s Parties can host for you.



Children's Art & Craft Books

First Selection



Challenge number one will be going up on Friday! Tune in to find outwhat I will be making.




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    • elliekelly says:

      Hi, Thank you 🙂
      I post my craft book challenge results every friday, I hope you enjoy. No plans for more challenges at this point however.

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