Craft book challenge #1 Space Mobile

4th May 2012


Well it’s a bit later than I hoped but it is still Friday so I made it (1.5 hours to spare!)

I have lots of parties over the next three days so have been getting ready and then, all of a sudden it was 3pm and I hadn’t event flipped open a craft book yet…fail on task 1!

I got there though and am really quite excited by the results, even more so because Mr K is at home today and he loved it. I picked Paper Fun for Kids, printed in 1994 an by Marion Elliot.  After looking at this next bit of information I think I’m going to look into this lady a bit more as she looks quite interesting.


Paper Fun for Kids

Paper Fun for Kids


From the back page of the book. “Marion Elliot is a well-known artist and author who specializes in paper mache. Her distinctive work is widely exhibited and sold in both London and New York. The bright and humours projects demonstrated here are typical of her work. Her previous books include Paper Mache and Painting Fabrics”

I picked the craft on page 48, a Space Mobile. I have drawers full of coloured paper and card so this was the perfect last minuet craft, I didn’t need to buy anything at all. If you would like to join in you will need. Coloured card and/or paper, Pencil, Scissors and/or a craft knife, thread, needle and pritt stick (other glues are available)


From the book

From the book


I knew I was going to change the design a bit (not to sure about the falling men?!) but I didn’t stray to far. I started by drawing and cutting out the two rocket shapes in card and then I cut out bits of coloured paper for the wings, nose, and windows and got down to sticking them in place. Remember this is a mobile so you need to decorate both sides. I found some great shiny paper that my mum donated and this turned out to be perfect. I also had some stick on foam shapes from my craft parties but these are not essential so don’t worry if you don’t have them.

Next I made a bit of a mess and lost my pencil, knife and scissors at least twice. Once I had finshed the first two rockets I then cut two stars out of yellow card and cut a moon shape out of white card (I didn’t have any thick card in my moon colour). If you have some nice paper that you want to use to cover the card an easy way to do this is to glue on one side of your shape, stick it on to the paper and then cut around it with your craft knife (parent not child).


Use a craft knife

Nice & Easy





















Once I had all the bits decorated I held up the first rocket by pinching the top wing in between my nails. I moved my grip around until I found a place that meant the rocket hung just as I wanted it to (no good a rocket heading down). I then made a hole in the top and bottom of each rocket and the top of the stars and moon with a needle and tied them all together with thread.




My Space Mobile

My Space Mobile




































I really enjoyed this craft and love the end result. This will zooming it’s way to a friend in the post for her little boys room and I hope it inspired lots of space mission adventures. If you have a little boy who would love this, give it a go and then send me in your photos I would love to see them and will try and get them up on the blog in the future.


Have a great weekend everyone



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