Children’s Supermarket Party Food Platters

18th Mar 2013



I know some of my clients have done this for past parties and some are planning on doing it for forthcoming parties. I have also been to events where friends have used M&S or Waitrose for the catering and have always been impressed.

I picked up a brochure in Waitrose the other day to take a look at the options for children parties and then looked at Waitrose’s Entertaining and M&S’s Food to Order menus on line. Both have pizza, sandwich selections including caterpillar rolls, mini burgers and cupcakes. M&S also had sausage rolls and crudités with dips and Waitrose had some very cute rocket and butterfly iced biscuits.

I have to say though that neither site is very helpful when looking for suitable children’s party food. Waitrose gives you a suggested menu but does not include all the options and M&S doesn’t even give you a way of filtering down to kids options.

If I was looking to place an order with either I think I would just go in store to talk to someone as I cant believe Waitrose doesn’t offer sausage rolls even though I cant find them.

Both are quote similar on price and I think to get a nice spread you are looking at around £6/8 per child. I love both M&S and Waitrose and just looking at all the yummy food had made me want to place and order just for me for lunch today.  For this price however I would also take a look at some catering companies as both websites have put me off by not having a children party food list which is a shame.

Waitrose Party Food


Take a look at Waitrose’s Entertaining menus here and see what you think

Take a look at M&S’s Food to Order menus here and see what you think


Have you placed an order with a supermarket for a children’s party? If so were you impressed?



2 Responses to “Children’s Supermarket Party Food Platters”

  1. zoe says:

    Hi Ellie.

    I am a big fan of cutting down some time when planning a party! We actually used Sainsbury’s for the babyface party you organised. I liked that there were plenty of healthy options that we fun to eat.

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