Children’s Disco Party

19th Apr 2013


Happy Friday all,


Among lots of other parties we are getting ready for a Disco party in the Buttons office at the moment.

It’s going to be tomorrow evening 6.30-8.30pm for a girls 9th birthday and we are expecting around 20 children. In fact it’s much cooler than a disco party. It is a Disco & Dessert Party. The birthday mum owns a event’s company and I can not wait to see the dessert table. I know there is going to be a make your own Sunday bar! I might well be stealing this theme for my next birthday party.

I received a list of song from the birthday girl this week which we always request so we can ensure we have a good section of favourite songs. It was a good list as well, I have popped a section below for you to see.

Bom bom bom – Sam & the Womp
Thrift shop – Maklemore & Ryan Lewis
Get hyper – Driodeka
Boomerang – Nicole Sherzinger
Diamonds – Rihanna

The Buttons ipod is now that bit cooler.

As well as lots of dancing & disco lights (of course) we also host some great team games throughout the party. Perfect games for this age group include the lace race with strawberry laces, the hoola hoop challenge and smartie race. They are high energy games with lots of cheering and ideal for this age group.

I’m off to practice my dance moves now.

Have a lovely weekend

Ellie 🙂


P.S Don’t forget to vote for Buttons as Best Children’s Party Entertainment in the What’s on 4 Wards.

Just follow this link   and we are in the 4th category from the bottom.

Thank you!

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