Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is 50!

10th Sep 2014


This September Charlie and the Chocolate factory is celebrating is 50th anniversary and if that wasn’t enough excuse to eat mountains of scrummy chocolate then just wait.




On the 13th September (this Saturday) its Roald Dahl day!

Yep, get in the kitchen with all the yumminess you can find and create a treat worthy of the Willy Wonka Factory. Find an example of a home made Wonka inspired bar by the lovely Biscuiteers here.

As you would images there is tons of stuff going on to celebrate, from an  Oomp-Looma Skydive, I kid you not. 50 Oompa-Loompa’s jumping out of the plan is going to be a sigh to see. To the Roald Dahl museum putting on a ton of great stuff such as a Golden ticket trail, Storytelling and fancy dress competition.

The Roald Dahl site has tons of great infomaiton on the day here so pop over to see how you can join in.

Now back to Charlie and the Chocolate factory. This was one of my favourite Dahl books along with The Giraffe and Pelly and Me. My mum took my brother and myself to see this as a show when I was little and at the end we got signed copy of the book. I think we even met him.

Ok iv just called mum and I wasn’t imagining it and making it up we did meet him!

Charlie and the Chocolate factory was published in 1964 and has since sold 13 million copies, been turned into a film, twice and a top stage show. As well as one of the top birthday party themes for 2013/14.




To celebrate the lovey Biscuiteers have created this stunning Charlie and the Chocolate factory tin inspired by the West End musical and are also running a compertion to win the tin + 5 of the storytellers most loved books and a Charlie audiobook. This is the link to entre.

Good Luck!




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