Buttons won a #WOW & got in the paper

1st Apr 2013



Every Wednesday Jacqueline Gold, CE of Ann Summers and Kinckerbox hosts a Women on Wednesday Twitter campaign to support women in business. Last Wednesday as per the rules of entry to win a #WOW I sent Jacqueline a tweet telling her a bit about what I and Buttons does. I have entered #WOW a couple of times before with no luck and so down my phone went and I got on with the day.

It’s only when I took a little peek at my twitter feed on the way to book club with the girls I found out I have won a #WOW. Lots of tweets congratulating me and a tweet from Jacqueline telling all her followers about Buttons and how she thought it was fab.

When selecting a winner Jacqueline looks for business that are interesting, have strong brand values and the potential to succeed in their industry. She also looks for good websites and entrepreneurs who seem to have good business sense. There are over 200 entries a week so I am so delighted I won!

You can see the winners badge she sent me on the right of my blog and even more exciting yesterday the story was featured in a local paper!


Buttons in the press

Buttons in the press


I hope you are all having a fantastic Easter and enjoying the bank holiday


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