Buttons Christmas Deliveries

29th Nov 2013


It’s official, I almost can not move in the Buttons office and the living room & storage area is also looking a little bit ready to burst!

It must almost be December.

We have had a lot of parcels, box and very exciting things arriving at the office for a few weeks now and I cant wait for all the magic to really begin. I really love this time of year for lots of reason but I really do love it when the Buttons team all gets to work together on jobs.

Below are just a few of the deliveries we have received, I also have the biggest box of crafts, a new tree, tons of decorations and lots of fake candy surrounding me as I type.

I will keep you up to date about the parties we are doing and share photos of our venue styling’s as we go 🙂


Christmas party props

Christmas party props

Christmas props









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