Buttons all over the South

15th Feb 2013


Buttons is in Weybridge, Reigate, Hampton, Warfield and Guildford this weekend and yesterday and today I have been getting bits and bob ready for all the parties.

Tomorrow we have a 4th birthday party for a little boy who is train & craft mad so we have put together a special craft just for him. All the children are going to get to decorate there own train engines with pens, glitter, stick ons and of course cotton wool for the smoke. If that wasn’t enough fun they are then going to create there own railway map for the trains to choo choo along.

I have made the trains and the done a simple railway outline on a big roll of paper to start the children off, the rest is up to them. I cant wait to see what we get 🙂


Choo Choo

Choo Choo


We also have a Chocolate making party with a group of 10 year olds, a fun & games party, some gangnam dancing, magic, face painting and of course a few hockey cokeys!


What a weekend we have planned

What a weekend we have planned


I hope you all have lovely weekends to look forward to 🙂



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