Boys… in leggings!

16th Feb 2015



Little People Clothing… specifically boys… in leggings!

When I found out I was pregnant, I was instantly sure I wanted a boy. This was partly down to the fact I have an older brother and wanted to replicate the relationship I have with him for my children – a weird mix of love, disdain & protection. If I am completely honest though, it was mostly down to the painfully cute baby boys clothing! Don’t get me wrong I love a tutu on a little girl with the rest of you but how can you resist a little boy wearing a grungy little ensemble topped off with a denim shirt & printed leggings?!


Boys in Leggings

Pintrest Link

I know, leggings on boys are marmite, you either love them or hate them, but I love them… and they are practical too. After having my baby and discovering he was a boy (YAY!) I was soon factoring practicality into Jack’s clothing; jeans on a little baby maybe adorable but are they all that comfortable for them? Leggings on the other hand are undoubtedly so & much easier to put on, especially when they learn to squirm! Jack grew out of his first tepee printed leggings from Zara eight months ago and I am still buying leggings for him in all different patterns, even contemplating making a pair! I have put together some of my favourites I have seen recently:


Boys Leggings

 Pintrest link


So whilst I’m off searching for some suitable fabric, let me know what your must have item of little person clothing is?


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3 Responses to “Boys… in leggings!”

  1. Tommy Bo says:

    Leggings have been a blessing to the fashion world for women as it allows them to do rigorous activities without the need to constantly check if their underwears are showing or a part of the pants ripped off, and even as little as having to worry about the heat since denim jeans tend to be too hot during the summer. But did you know leggings were originally made for men? And yet obviously the men have ditched the fashion piece and women are totally worshipping this pair of bottoms perfect for every woman out there.

  2. I think that these leggings look awesome but personally have never put leggings on my boys but would love a size 6 & 7 black and white ones look so kool.😍 says:

    I think these boys leggings look great I have personally never put any leggings on my boys before but would definitely try them out if I were to receive a size 6 & 7 somehow LOL but really I do think they look awesome especially the black and white ones look cool or a rocker look on a little boy.

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