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1st Aug 2012


I think I would say it’s a pretty even split between my party bookings in halls and in homes. When the children are younger the home environment is nice but if you don’t want to worry about getting the house guest ready and the after party tidy up then a hall is ideal.

If you are planning to book a hall for your party, call one to two months in advance to check dates. Not every hall has a dedicated booker and it can something take quite a while before you can get though to someone who can help.

When booking a hall there are a few things to keep an eye out for.

Location – I always think a hall local to you is best as it simply means you don’t have a long drive before of after the party. Always ask for the halls address and post code from the person you booked it with. Lots of halls have incorrect address on line and post codes that do not match up.

Size – Make sure there is enough room for the number of children you intend to invite to move around and play games, as well as room for the party table and the parents to mill around or sit and watch. If you are planing on getting a bouncy castle double check the height of the ceiling to the castle you wish to book. As an example most of the castles I book are 10ft high.

Kitchen – Most halls have a kitchen attached to the main hall with a hatch between the two. This is really helpful but not a must have.

Parking –  You don’t want a long walk with all you party bits and its nice not to have to worry about guests finding a space on the day.

Theming – If you are booking venue theming/ styling a hall with white or plan walls is best. The less decoration and colour in the room the better.

Equipment – Make sure the hall has lots of tables and chairs and that you will have access to them on the day. Its also good to see if they have cups and spoons in the kitchen that you can use if you interned on offing parents tea and coffee.

Power – If you are booking an entertainer then will need access to at least one plug. I always have an extension lead with me, I have been to halls before where the plugs are located in a very strange places.

Tip – If there is a stage in the hall and you cant find the light switches, they are almost always behind the stage.

Help – Ensure you have some family or friends to help you get set up and ready for the party. More hands = less stress.

Don’t forget – Some things to remember to take with you. Scissors, tape, white/ blue tac, matches, tea towel, milk & bin bags.

I hope this helps if you planning on booking a hall for you child’s party. I’m off now to host a craft party in Hartley Wintney for Evie. I will be back on Friday with a space themed party bag for boys.




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  1. Great tips, I will link to them if that is ok?! xx

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