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4th Feb 2016


Happiness is when gran arrives at the party with her granddaughter and you get to see the two of them throw of their party shoes and get straight on the huge bouncy castle.

I love a bouncy castle and they are a firm favourites for kids parties so I have a few tips on booking them and when they do and don’t work in a party environment.

Bouncy castle

This amazing castle photo is from The London Barbecue.



Ask around to see if your friends have used a company they recommend, ask your entertainment company or go on facebook and ask a local parents group if you can. It’s always great to have personal recommendations. Otherwise a Google will find you lots in your area. Have a chat with them to get a feel for how they work. If you are looking for a special castle (i.e Frozen) add that to your search as well and lots have themed castles.


If your hiring the castle for a venue make sure you know what space you have. It needs to have easy access, high celling and space for the castle as well as room for the food tables and room for any other entertainment as well as chairs for adults. The venue will be able to give you room dimensions that you in turn can give to the caste company to ensure you get the best castle.

If you are going to have the castle in your garden or outside again make sure there is access to the area as well as access to power. The castle hire company will have extension leads however. Also make sure the space you plan on using is flat and is grass. Also make sure you talk to the hire company about what happens if it rains. Most company’s will not charge you for the castle if you call early in the morning (i.e before they leave) on the day of hire if it’s raining. You can also get castles with rain covers so as long as it goes up in the dry a little shower would not do any hard during the day.


Go for the biggest castle you can with the space you have. Even fairly big castles have small limits on the number of children they recommend are on the castle at one time.


You can go for the traditional castle, one with a slide, one with multiple sides or event an assault course or disco so have a look around to see what will work for you. If your getting one with slides and other fun things ensure you feel 100% confident manning the castle or have someone else who do this. You are responsible for all the children on the castle under the castles companies insurance and it can get a little roundy especially with older children.

Other entertainment:

If you plan on doing any other type of entertainment while the castle is up ensure the two work well together. My party company Buttons does not host children’s games entertainment while a castle is up. For us to host party games or any type of entertainment where all the children need to be in a group and focused on the entertainer we will deflate the castle for this section of the party. We check with the castle company that it’s ok first but in 5 years its never been an issue and its as easy as turning the plug off.

We can then host the games with out any distractions and everyone ends up having way more fun. The children aren’t worried they are missing out on something, the parents don’t have to be ready to ponce when their child makes a run for the castle and your entertainer can fully focus (the blowers are pretty loud).

We have found the best way is to have half the party with party games or a group activity that keeps all the children busy and having fun together followed by the second half of the party with the bouncy castle and then free time activities the children can dip in and out of such as face painting, glitter tattoos and a crafty station.


I hope this has helped if you are planning on getting a castle for you child’s party.

Ellie x



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