Bocketts Farm – family day out

14th Jul 2017


As well as Neive’s party we did want to have a quite family day with her to celebrate, at the last minute we decided on Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead. We thought something with close up animal opportunities would be better than the Zoo at her age and none of us were quite up for the long drive to the aquarium in Brighton, after the busy party day, we wanted simple fun.

I have known about Bocketts Farm though work for ages and was looking forward to having an explore. It was a big hit with the birthday girl. We went on a Wednesday so it was pretty quiet, bar a few school trips that were easy to avoid and Neive got up close with lots of very loud sheep and lambs, goats, cows, horses, bunnies and pigs.


Bocketts Farm - Neive

She was really interested in all the animals (most she had never seen before) but at one point a sheep dog ran past,  she is a big dog fan and if she could talk I’m sure that’s all she would be going on about, which is typical with kids isn’t it. The box the present came it scenario.

Ok look at the face of the baby Alpaca below!!!!

Bocketts Farm - Neive

Neive is pretty much up for walking whenever she can now (not in the direction you need to go of course). Bocketts has a trail around the fields to see the animals, a big barn with a selection of animals inside which is ideal if the weather isn’t great, smaller animals like bunnies inside with petting time slots, stables with horses and donkeys, a soft play area, a cafe and restaurant and tractor ride.

Bocketts Farm - Neive

The only thing we did not do was the tractor ride as the time slots didn’t work out for us. But we did just make it in time for Neive to pet the very fluffy bunny and some guinea pig. Granted I was more exctied about this than her.

Bocketts Farm - Neive

I am making a list of all the things I want to do this summer (don’t the summers just wiz by and you never do the things you wanted to!) and popping back for a second visit towards the end will be on it.


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