Biscuit Decorating with Kids

27th Apr 2015



Biscuit Decorating


You might have seen that I went on a biscuit decorating course at the Biscuiteers shop in 2013 and it was fantastic. You can see some on the biscuits I decorated here.

Some parts were a bit fiddly and you needed to bake the cookies once you have flooded them with icing before you added the final decorations so it isn’t the easiest process to transfer into a kids party in a home or hall but I hope to find a way to do them for the teen parties we do some day.

We do however offer a version of this with biscuit decorating parties with icing that does not need baking between stages and is perfect for children aged 5+.

I hosted a business decorating workshop at the West End Centre on Saturday and we have tons of fun. I have the biscuits made for me so we can have we have lots of fab shapes and even theme them. We also have tons of icing, three types for different effects. One for outlines, one for flooding the middle and one for shapes. Plus thousands of decorations and sprinkles of course.

Don’t they look great!


Biscuit Decorating Biscuit decorating



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