Baby shower planning

17th May 2013


As well as getting ready for our parties today I am also getting ready for a friends baby shower. Roz is a member of book club and is due in July. All the book club ladies are putting on a little shower for her tonight and her mum and one of her sisters are also coming.

You know how much I love a theme, but seeing as it sometimes takes a miracle to get all 8 of us in the same room and we are all quite busy ladies, we decided to each do a bit on the decoration and each bring some food and drinks. For this reason we have kept the decoration and style quite open and I think it’s going to create a nice mix.

Just some of the bits I know about are vintage china and scones from Marie who owns Tea Vintage, pompoms, Sunday glasses and home made cookies from Rachel who owns The Printed Tree and Tea lights, bunting and hand messaged nappies from Jess who working as an effects artist in the film industry.

I have been gathering a few bits here and there for tonight and so far have ribbons, paper straws, bunting, a little rocking horse and I have been Decopatching as part of Roz’s present.

I will share some photos of the shower next week but below are some snaps of my Decopatching until then.





And after

And after


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Ellie x



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