Baby sensory – sticker play

30th May 2017


Neive loves a sticker and she thinks it hilarious when I put stickers on her nose or head.

I got some felt sheet from my art supply box along with some big flower foam stickers and we had a play last week. She spent quite a long time on this activity and liked to interact with me during this time but also go off on her own with them. As well as sticking them on the felt (i did most of this, she like to pull them off) we stuck them on the side of the coffee table, floor and patio door. I also stuck them to her nose and then she pulled them off and stuck them on my nose. She had a lovely flower head decoration for a while without noticing.



This is definitely an activity i will do with her again and it will be interesting to see how she progresses with learning how they work. Neive is on Wonder Weeks leap 7 which is sequences so she is just grasping that thing need to go in order like peel the back off the sticker and then stick it. This was a good activity for her coordination as she has to focus her fingers to pull the sticker off things.

Next time i think i will gather lots of different types of stickers (foam, felt, glittery, shiny ect) so it’s even more sensory for her.



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