Baby sensory play with ice

19th Jun 2017


This is the perfect baby sensory play on days as hot as these!

It’s sooo hot!! I do love the sun and the heat but i would rather be on holiday when it’s this hot, by a pool with a cold drink. Running around after a baby and hosting kid’s parties in 30+ heat isn’t quite as relaxing and results in a bit more sweat.

On Monday, I filled some balloons with water and popped them in the freezer so they were ready to play with later in the week.

Neive was so interested, it was very sweet. Also, quite funny to watch her scoot around the paddling poll trying to pick them up. I’m not sure she has come in contact with anything slippy like ice before.

They didn’t last to long in the heat but she had good fun with them. I have seen some great pictures on pintrest with ice block with sensory items frozen inside which I would like to do next time.


Baby play with Ice


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