Baby play with balloons

19th Jun 2017


So simple and yet so much fun.

With a garage full of balloon and helium Neive has been playing with a balloon for some time. When she was around 54 and a half months old I would tie a loop in the end of the string and put it around her foot. She loved kicking around and watching the balloon bounce.

Now if I have some balloons going spare form a party Neive like to hold the knot and bag them around like a crazy baby. A good game to play together is catch. When Neive goes to throw me the balloon it floats up and I can catch it and give it back to her.


Baby balloon play


It’s also quite fun when the helium runs out as the balloon with float in mid-air.

Even if you don’t have any helium just banging and hitting the balloon around it great fun for a baby.


Baby balloon play



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