Baby Einstein DVD’s

19th May 2017


A friend of my mums told her about these DVD’s and recommend them. I got Neive her first one when she was about 3 months old and she wasn’t really fussed although she did watch the T.V on and off when it was on.

It wasn’t until Neive was around 4 and a half months old that she really got into it and i purchased the second one. I will use one of these around twice a week. They are ideal when Nevie is in her jumparoo and i either need to get some house jobs done or a answer a few emails. She has a little jump and watches the T.V for the full duration. She even laughs to herself when the puppets come on which is so cute.

They are full of music and sensory images so great for baby’s development as well and my sanity even when i just need to sit down for a bit.

I know i will have to let the likes of The Night Garden and Mr Tumble into our home and lives at some point but I’m just not ready yet!



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