Anything is possible when you party with Harrods

31st Jul 2013



I had an exciting trip in to London last week. So exciting in fact that I wasn’t even put off by the thought of the hot and sticky Tube.

So, on Wednesday morning, I jumped on the train and off I went to meet the lovely Lauren who works in the Bespoke Events team at Harrods. I have been talking to Lauren on the phone over the last couple of weeks about something quite exciting (and right up my street) that Harrods has launched.

Children parties, both in store & out!! Oh the magic!

We have been talking styling, entertainment, theming, trends and, of course, all about this new offering that Harrods started two months ago. In that time they have already hosted some pretty exciting parties and I wanted to share this with all of you. So, in the name of keeping the Ellie Kelly readers up-to-date, (and no hidden agenda of a lovely look around – honest!) I went to find out a bit more.

Harrods’ motto is ‘anything is possible’ and I think that sums up what they are looking to do with parties perfectly.

You can now exclusively hire the Disney Cafe and the Toy Kingdom for children’s parties and both spaces offer a very unique setting and endless possibilities.

The Disney Cafe on the fourth floor is a large space with a glowing Big Ben in the centre. This creates the perfect natural divide between an entertainment space and party food area. If you are planning a Disney themed party, then this is the place. Tinkerbelle hangs from the ceiling and the Disney characters surround you in stardust swirls.


Disney Cafe - Harrods

Disney Cafe – Harrods


The Toy Kingdom is a huge space filled to the brim with exciting things. I have never hosted a party in such a space before but once inside my head was filled with party ideas. They have an enchanted forest and reading room which would be so magical for one of our Adventure story parties. Tons of space and hiding spots for a wicked treasure hunt and even a candy store!


Toy Kingdom Harrods

Toy Kingdom – Harrods

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Although both spaces are available to privately hire there are time restrictions so, in order to give their clients every possible option, Harrods is also offering children’s parties in other locations around London, the UK and abroad. They are already working with some amazing venues and will also travel to people’s homes.

These parties are not going to be like anything I went to as a child but, with Harrods client list, and reputation for delivering above and beyond I think they are going to be a massive success and I can’t wait to see how it grows.

For more information on Harrods children’s parties send Lauren an email to or call her on 0207 2256736 or pop the bespoke events team and email at



4 Responses to “Anything is possible when you party with Harrods”

  1. Cerina says:

    What a fantastic venue to have a children’s party! Will be keeping this in mind for sure…

  2. Samantha Chapman says:

    Wow that sounds amazing, my little niece would love one of these parties!

  3. Roz Abery-Maree says:

    Toy Kingdom looks like an amazing venue, a really magical setting that my daughter would love.

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