Angry Birds Birthday Party

11th Mar 2013


Buttons was booked to theme an entertain at an Angry Birds birthday party a few weeks ago for Gabriel who was 5 and Anya who was 8. My research included a few games on the very popular game, creating pigs from play balls, souring table ware and booking a fantastic cake and cupcakes.


Table –

I don’t usually use themed table ware, ie cups, plates ect but for this theme the plates and napkins worked so well I did. Some times when you use plates that are heavily designed the table can look really busy and messy but as the design on these was so simple it worked well. I teamed the plates and pig napkins with plain cups in matching colours, paper straws with Angry Birds flags, a red table cover and yellow, blue and green hats with angry bird faces on.

I also created centre piece with a wooden stand, pigs, birds, personalised game cards and two foil Angry Bird balloons.  The hats and flags were created by Buttons using comertial printables from Etsy.

The children’s mum made up food bags and personalised each one with the children’s names.


Angry Birds Party


Games –

The family had been collecting boxes since Christmas and on the top of the games list for the birthday boy and girl was as Gabriel called it “the knock em down game”. I built a tower with the boxes so it looked like a structure from the game and then  placed the pigs inside and on top. I created the pigs with soft balls from a soft play kit and used tipp-ex to create the eyes and permanent marker to draw on the details. This is also how I made the birds that the children used to throw at the pigs.


Angry Birds Party


Cake –

Buttons was on the look out for a fantastic cake and we found one. The main cake is a 3D chocolate aAngry Bird nd then we had 30 themed cupcakes in a mix of chocolate and vanilla with butter incing and a Angry Bird on the top of each one.


Angry Birds Birthday Cake


Are your children Angry Birds mad?

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