And that’s a wrap – January

27th Jan 2014


Phew, that was the last weekend of January 2014. It flew by as most of my months seem to be doing at the moment.

Usually I expect (and in some ways look forward) to Janaury being pretty quite on the party front. I had grand plans of a major spring clean in the office, lots of 2014 planning, some weekends off and we had a 4 day trip booked in to go and see the Kelly’s (marks side of the family) in Ireland.

What I actually happed was a little bit of a spring clean in the office (it now pretty much looks like if did before hand), no weekends off and lovely holiday in Ireland armed with my laptop and lots of paperwork.

Non of it’s a bad thing though, we had 12 more parties this January than last year and I’m pretty over the moon about that. I also had a very exciting business meeting at the start of Janaury that is going to bring about some exciting changes for Buttons.

And to top it all off, were moving house this Friday! eek. I would love someone to come and pick up the office and move it one go. Anyone?!

I will share some photos of the new Buttons HQ once were in but for now these are a few office photos I have been lusting over.


2014-01-27_002 Office love


All images are from Pintrest and can be found on my Office Love board



2 Responses to “And that’s a wrap – January”

  1. Happy moving!! We are still house hunting absolutely nothing to even look at come on the market, getting really down! Hoping Feb brings a whole new set of houses!! Can’t wait to see the new house xx

    • elliekelly says:

      Thank you! I cant wait till it’s all done and were in. Get the keys tomorrow morning. Oh bless you, it’s stressful hu. We were looking since last November and could not find anything to fit our needs. I didn’t want to compromise and in the end we found one. I hope you find your dream home soon, I will keep my fingers crossed xx

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