Amazing mouse tree house

4th Dec 2013


So many of you have commented or sent me messages about that amazing tree house/ dolls house that I posted a picture of on the Buttons facebook page I just had to find out some more about it for you.

I first saw the picture on Piece of my heart uk’s facebook page.

After a little good foundĀ an article about the maker. It was made by hobbyist Maddie Brindley from Chesterfield who took the inspiration from Jill Barklem’sĀ series of books Bramley Hedge. The house is a replica of Crabapple Cottage where the mouse family lived.

I knew I loved this as soon as I saw it but know I understand why It provoked such emotions. I loved Bramley hedge books and I loved this mouse tree house picture so much. I used to spend ages looking inside all the rooms and wishing that little mouse houses like this ready did exist.


Mouse tree house

Photo from




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  1. Diane says:

    Has anyone tried to make one of these?

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