Advent Cottage

1st Dec 2012

Lovely little advent cottage


Happy 1st December!!!!!

Yep it’s that time, who has had their first chocolate already?! I love advent calenders.

My mum has always been really good at finding ones that are a bit different and quirky. While we were in Ludlow in September she spotted these in a book shop window. How cute!

We both got one for our homes and I got an extra one as I thought it would make a great present for my nephews and niece. My sister in law has three boys and one girl and we normally send them money at Christmas (boring hu). So this year I thought we could send the advent calender with lots of Christmas chocolates.

We posted it over earlier this week and they put it together last night and fill the draws. Mandy (my sister in law) is then going to sneak the money in to the last draw for them to open on Christmas day.


Surprises in the roof!


What advent calendar have your children got this year?


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