A spa for dolls – I’m not kidding

22nd Jan 2014


I client who’s brother lives in America was telling me about this yesterday and I just had to share it with you all.

There is a doll company in America called AmericanGirl and they sell dolls. Not very blog worthy I hear you say. Well just wait for it.

These dolls are customised so they look just like your child. You can pick hair colour and style, eye colour and skin tone. You can then dress the doll in clothes that are just right. I cant say I’m sure about having a mini me now but I dare say as a child I would have loved this idea.

I haven’t finished yet though. You can also get pets for your doll, accessories such as hair extensions, toys, a bike, pyjamas, a bath and wait for it….. skin care and creams. They have not missed a trick.

Again though this is not really that crazy and I’m sure as a kid I would have wanted all of this. The reason I am writing this blog is because this company have opened restaurants for the dolls! No kidding. You go to the restaurant with your family and your doll and the doll gets a seat and their own (plastic) food, which you pay for!

Wait for it, there are also hair salons where hair dressers cut the dolls hair.

And if you thought it could not get worse, it does. While at the hair salon why not get your dolls ears pierces and give her a facial. OMG. Take a look at the Spa Deluxe package

“Add this special treat to any Doll Hair Salon visit for just $12. Our stylists will give her doll a thorough facial scrub to get her clean. And to keep her feeling relaxed, we’ll send her home with a pampering set featuring cucumber stickers for her eyes, nail decals, flip-flops, a salon cape, and a faux face mask. Plus, girls get a “Doll Skin Care” sheet for home care. Available only for 18″ American Girl dolls.”

After I read this I thought surely no, this must be for the girl (the real girl) not the doll, so I went and read some more.

“Give her doll a little extra sparkle with this package! Includes doll ear piercing, a pair of silver stud earrings, the Classic Silver Doll Earring Assortment, and a “Doll Earrings Tips” sheet for home care—all for just $14. Available only for 18″ American Girl dolls.”

Sadly I was right the first time.


From the AmericanGirl site

From the AmericanGirl site


I have no more to say, I hope your head is spinning as much as mine is. And I  hope I never meet anyone who has paid for a doll to have  spa treatment.

Ellie x





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