A party in a fire station, at an airport

22nd Dec 2012



The day started early at 6.15 *yawn* and then progressed with Milo (puppy Kelly) being sick in the kitchen *fudge*. It did get better though I’m pleased to say.

My lovely mum came to get Milo so she could keep an eye on him and all the Buttons girls arrived, passports in hand  just before 8 to set on of our airport adventure.

Buttons Children’s Parties was booked to entertain the staffs children (60 of them) at there Christmas party this morning and the party base, the fire house at the airport of course! A very cool venue for my last Christmas party of the year. We could see planes and jets taking off and landing though the big fire doors.

This event had a few logistics elements that were new to me. Firstly none of us were allowed to bring any liquids in, so no water, perfume or bubbles over 100ml. That was OK as I had just found my magic bubbles in little tubes. My car had to be checked over, and I had to remember how to open the bonnet. I’m pleased to say we both passed. It then took quite a while to get us all though security and collect our passes.

Once inside though we got set up and changed and hosted some party games, a magic show, face painting, glitter tattoos, balloon modeling and we had a fab craft area with lots of Christmas crafts from 10.30 – 12.30.

It was a great party with lots of excited children (did you know there are only 3 sleeps to go!) and I was delighted with the feedback from the parents and fire station staff who said it was a great party. I received a text just as we got back to HQ from the party organiser to say that we did a fantastic job. Yay!

A big thank you to my lovely Buttons team, it has been a blast to be an Elf with you all.


Buttons Christmas party

Buttons Children parties



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