A lovely craft for any girl, big or small

13th Dec 2012


Rachel here,

I promised you something crafty and Christmassy yesterday and here it is… we are going to make a peg fairy. Perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree and guaranteed to be loved by all little girls and if we are all honest, big girls just as much. The great thing about these decorations, apart from looking gorgeous on your tree, is they can use up some of those little bits of ribbon and fabric that you kept ‘just in case’ (my husband likes to call this hoarding!). Anyway, let’s get started.
For one Fairy you will need:


How to make a peg fairy

~ wooden dolly peg,
~ an off cut of ribbon (I am using gold for that extra sparkle)
~ pretty, girly material
~ some thinner silvery ribbon for the wings
~ paint for the face
~ and lastly, thread to create a loop to hang the fairy from
We need to paint her face. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when bestowing her personality, firstly, what will her colouring be (blue/brown/green eyes? red or pink lips? etc…) secondly, make sure the split of the peg is below her face. This split creates the legs. Next paint her shoes. Put to one side to dry and have a cup of tea.
All painting complete, we need to move onto the pretty ribbon and fabric to keep her warm. Using a glue gun, stick one end of the ribbon to the back of the peg. Start to twist and loop the ribbon, gluing and turning as you go, ending with a floaty skirt. To finish the skirt off, wrap a doubled over piece of ribbon round the top of the skirt. At this point she should be looking nearly ready to adorn your tree. Just the wings to go and no fairy can fly without wings!
Using the thicker silver ribbon make a simple bow with lovely long tails and glue the knot to her back. After tying some thread to your completed fairy she is ready to fulfill her Christmas destiny. Isn’t she pretty?
Until next time…

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