A few days away

13th Mar 2013


I got back at lunch time today from Kingswood in Sussex. Kingswood is an activity centre for children and my mums school have been taking the year 3 and 4’s at around this time of year for the last three years.

This year I went along to help out with the year fours and although VERY cold we had a great time. I always love going back to the school/ teaching environment but I can tell you it’s exhausting. It’s always nice to do something a bit different and although I get a bit stressed when I’m away from the office and unable to answer calls It was just want I needed.

I worked at the school 5 years ago and still help out now and then. During my time there and afterwards I have been on a few over night trips and so being sat on my bum in the corridor of the dorms listing for whispers at 10.30pm brought back lots of memories! There was only the sound of souring though and after a full day of fencing, problem solving games, 3G swings, archery and lots more I am not surprised they all feel asleep as soon as there heads hit the pillows.

It was bitterly cold yesterday but thankfully we were not outside all day and the sun put in an appearance this morning for orienteering and rock climbing.

To sum it up:

  • I had lots of funny & lovely chats with the kids
  • I put on and took off enough harnesses that I think I should add it to the skills list on my C.V (they were checked before anyone panics)
  • Drank to many hot chocolates
  • Wore legging and jeans and three pairs of socks most of the time
  • Lost the feeling in my nose about 5 times
  • Watched some engineers of the future make a bike out of giant plastic shapes
  • Was inspired by the 8 year olds who reached the top of a very high wooden pole in the semi dark with cold hands (it wasn’t as dark as it look in the photo below)
  • Ate to much cake in the staff room last night before bed
  • Checked under about 15 beds but only found two tops, quite impressive

Kingswood Trip



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