A Buttons Butterfly Adventure

4th Feb 2013


Hi everyone, I hope you all had lovely weekends.

Today I thought I would tell you a bit more about my Adventure Story parties. I have been doing this style of party since 2008 I think. That’s a bit scary. They have to be the most exhausting style of party as your brain is working 10 to the dozen to keep all the children engaged and thinking of what to do next, what space would work best, making it exciting but not to scary but they are also great fun and I love doing them.

They are ideal for children aged 4 – 6 years and yesterday I had a Butterfly adventure party and it was so lovely. I have never written a Butterfly adventure before as the themes and plots tend to be mainly around pirates, fairies, princess, knights sometimes under the water and some times on a farm.

This was for a group of 17 girls aged 3-5 and I was delighted with how they took to the story. I will tell you a little bit about it and maybe you can act it out with your children at home.

I started by gathering the girls and telling them all about an adventure a butterfly I knew had gone one.

Beatrice the butterfly, a good friend of mine, (1) while having a morning fly around to stretch her wings decided to fly over to see her friends with some presents one day. Just as she was about to leave her parents told her a storm was coming and she had to stay in the tree. Beatrice was a butterfly with ants in her pants and could not keep still. So with her heart set on an adventure she deceived that she could make it to her friend and back before even one drop of rain splashed on her beautiful purple and yellow wings. (2)

(3) She sneaked past her mum and dad and off she flew with her purple bag full of presents. She was having a fantastic time looking at all the trees, the tops of houses and in people gardens. (4) The sky was blue and the warm sun was filling her elegant wings with energy, she felt like she could fly forever. Caught up in her day dream and while looking down Beatrice did not see the blackbird heading her way. (5) She did hear him though and just in time. She flapped her wings really really fast and ducked in between branches and though tress to get away. She hid in a tree for a little while and watch the bird fly off. Phew, she started out of her journey again but by this time some big thunderous clouds had started rolling towards her. (6) With in minuets the wind had got up and she was finding it hard to stay on track, being tossed and turned around in the sky. Just as she had decided to find shelter in a tree a big drop of rain hit her left wing and sent her tumbling down wards. During the fall Beatrice dropped her presents and down they fell into the sea of green below.

Luckily she manged to find shelter underneath a big leaf and there she stayed for what felt like hours waiting for the storm to pass. She was so worried about how angry her parents would be and terribly sad that she has dropped her presents.

When the blue sky finally fought its way back though the dark clouds and the sun shone making all the world sparkle Beatrice shaked of her wings, came out form under the leaf and flew up into the sky. She looked around for the lost bag but knew she better get home soon. Poor Beatrice got a good telling off for being so silly and wished she has listened to her parents. (7)


(1) All the children crawled though a tunnel and when they come out of the end stretched there wings and flew around the hall.

(2) We talked about what a great adventure you could have if you were a butterfly. What you would see from way up in there air and who your friends might be.

(3) We played butterfly footsteps and the children had to sneak up on me as quietly as they could.

(4) We flew around the hall and talked about all the things we could see.

(5) The children were on bird watch and when we saw one we all flapped away and hid

(6) All the children huddled under my parachute and with the help of the older brothers and sisters we created a windy storm

(7) After tell the children the story of how Beatrice lost her presents and acting out what happened we flew off in search of the presents. And what should we hind on the top of a shelf? A purple bags full of mini bottles of bubbles. I told the children that Beatrice had said that if we found them we could each have one. 


The End.


I recived this email from the birthday girls mum a day after the party 🙂

“Thank you very much for coming and entertaining  the girls yesterday.  They had a lovely time and i think you got just the right balance of imagination, fun, magic and games to give them all a lot of fun.  You made the children feel at ease straight away and captured their attention immediately.  There were many clever touches to your performance, from making the children feel special and bringing everybody together for the hokey cokey at the end.  The adventure story part of the party was lovely and you could see the children getting drawn into the story and finding the treasure was the perfect end!  Huge thanks for giving the girls a birthday to remember!”

For more info on Buttons adventure parties follow this link.



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