A BIG High Five

26th Nov 2012


The weekend just past was another great one for Buttons, we had 3 parties on and I had a rare Sunday afternoon at home with Mr Kelly and Milo which was very nice.

I had my first Christmas themed party on Saturday and it was a Winter Wonderland & Tinkerbell themed party for a lovely little girls 3rd birthday. As well as entertainment I was also providing venue theming and table dressing so although it was only one party, I was at the cute hall in Amersham for just over 5 hours (photos to follow this week). Stevie had a Fun & Games party in Bracknell for two twin girls 3rd birthdays and on Sunday I was in Dorking for another lovely girls 4th birthday.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I really do love my job and I am very fortunate to have Stevie work for me, as she loves it almost, if not just as much. If you don’t know anything about Stevie there is a bit more here.  After being an events manger and hiring, training and maneging staff I know how hard it can be to find the right people and it’s even harder when it your own business.

I think anyone who runs their own business would say that finding staff to represent their company and their dream is quite stressful. So this blog is a Big High Five to Stevie who I am thankful to have as part of the Buttons team.

As well as being reliable, she has good common sense (you would be surprised how many people I have worked with in past roles that don’t), is calm even in a sea of panic, is great with the  parents, fantastic with children and a joy to work with. She gets just as excited about the new party gadgets as I do! and I know puts 100% in to every party she does for me.


This is the text message I received on Saturday night from the mum of her party earlier that day.

“Ellie, I just wanted to say how absolutely wonderful Stevie was today, I am so pleased we went ahead with you guys. She was enthusiastic, fun, energetic and utterly lovely! I didn’t get to watch much of what was going on but the fact the girls didn’t bother me when I was sorting everything out was proof of how much fun they were having! I would also like to thank Stevie for staying on to make balloon animal for ALL the children when the food was delayed, what a star!

You couldn’t ask for more 🙂




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