9 Top Tips for a Tip Top Royal Party

15th May 2012



1. Get a guest list together pronto. If you’re planning this event on your own don’t over do it and end up stressing yourself out, a small and perfectly formed party will ensure you also have fun. If there is a group of you planning then you can really go to town. There are lots of great British themed invitations out there but an email or telephone call will also do the job and save your wrist from repetitive strain injury.

2. Find a great venue – This is one of the most important parts to make your event a special one. Street parties are perfect for a friendly lane, estate or village and there are some great sites to help you with the plans and procedures such as Top tip; have a back up venue like the village hall just in case and if there are going to be children ensure the area is safe. If it’s a family affair then a BBQ in the garden is a great idea and a little bit of furniture rearranging may help create some extra space.

3. Whether you’re braving the elements or playing it safe, decorations are the key to setting the scene for a royal shindig and there are so many options. If you have a local party shop you can be sure they will have wall to wall ideas and options or if you’re an online shoppper then there are tons of party websites out there. Two great sites I have used for my Buttons parties are Party Pieces & Party Delights. Both have an amazing selection of bunting, table wear, flags, card cake stands (really cute) and party kits to make it super easy.

4. To save some pennies and keep the children busy why not ask them to make Jubilee posters for the event, flags or their own paper bunting. They will love being part of the preparations and helping to decorate on the day. Buttons children love getting creative so why not bring a bit of that to your own event!

5. A party just isn’t a party with out a tipple. Keep it British and serve tea in teapots, lemonade & Pimms in jugs and buckets filled with ice will keep your wine & beers nice and chilled. If you have children some jugs of squash or little cartons of juice will be perfect.

6. We have a host of great British foods that are perfect for a party. Why not serve a traditional afternoon tea with a selection of sandwiches, cakes & scones with cream and jam! Other great options are sausage rolls, scotch eggs, and English trifle, decorated cupcakes and strawberries and cream. All perfect for big and little kids alike.

7. No doubt there will be children attending and really it wouldn’t be the same without them. Children are great at entertaining themselves to a certain point, but at an event like this is is great to have some options for when they get tired or bored (and you haven’t even had a scone yet). An entertainer is a great option as they will bring everything needed to boost flagging spirits and have tried-and-tested games, crafts and entertainment to suit all ages (sit back and enjoy that scone) or a face painter or balloon modeller are also great options.

8. If you’re a DIY person then setting up a craft table and/or section of toys will do the job nicely or why not make up little goodie bags for the children filled with bits for them to do such as mini crafts, colouring-in or treasure hunt map.

9. If you have a park, field or large garden available why not plan some team games for the adults and children. Cricket, tennis, bowls and croquet are all great British theme games that everyone will enjoy.



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