2013 round up

31st Dec 2013



I love the time between Christmas and New Year.

It gives me some much needed days off to spend with family and friends and also the chance to reflect on the year about to end and make clear plans for the new year about to start.

I was reading though my 2012 round up a few days ago, I summarised what my goals were for 2012 and what I had and had not achieve and I also set some public goals for 2013. You can see my 2012 round up here but below are the goals I set.


My 2012 goals for 2013

Find more fantastic party people to work with Buttons. (It was just me and Stevie as party leaders)

Double the number of parties we have provided in 2012. (we has 161)

Treat me and Stevie to an advanced face painting course.

Double the number of people who read this blog (we had 500 unique visitors a month)

Smile and laugh just as much, if not more than this year.


How I did in 2013

Buttons now has 5 party leaders and 6 party assistants.

We did not quite double the number but I’m pleased – we had 255 parties & events this year.

Stevie and Myself did go on a face painting course, and we took Sarah with us.

We now have around 1,100 unique visitors a month.

I smiled and laughed a lot this year!


Hear is Buttons 2013 in pictures

2013-12-31_001 2013-12-31_002 2013-12-31_003 2013-12-31_004 2013-12-31_005 2013-12-31_006 2013-12-31_0072013-12-31_008


We had some amazing themes this year:

Monsters, Superhero’s, Ice Cream Pool Party, Dinosaurs, Harry Pottter Potions, Ice Skating, Barn Yard, National Trust Nature Trail, Angry Birds, Lego and of course lots of Princesses, Fairys and Pirates.

We also went to some amazing places:

Goodwood Festival of Speed, Innocent Drinks Fruit Towers, National Trust Venues, Hotels, tons of Village Halls, Gardens, Parks and lots and lots of lovely Homes.

And we met lots ands lots of amazing people. We even met Little Mix when they performed at one party.

So what does 2014 hold for Buttons I wonder?!


It’s time to set some goals.

To grow the team to 10 party leaders and 15 party assistants.

For me to have the occasional weekend off.

To host 360 parties & events

To work with even more amazing people, parents and companies. (Joules and Cath Kidston are on my list)

To complete a project I have been putting off for ages (more to come in 2014)

To create 1000’s more smiles and giggles on little peoples faces.


Thank you to everyone who has booked a Buttons party this year, we have truly had a blast playing games, crafting and entertaining all the special little people in your lives.

And thank you to the Buttons team, they are all fantastic and we have had some really good giggles this year.

Lastly thank you to my friends and family who have kept me sane when it’s all got a bit much and who remind me why I wanted my own company and what I’m doing it all for.

Here is to a very exciting 2014!!!

Happy New Year xx





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