2012 – What a year

31st Dec 2012


What a year it has been!

I am someone who is always looking to the next thing, striving for more and is never quite happy with what I have. It’s a good and a bad thing. It means I am always improving and learning, pushing myself to do more and testing my skills but it does also mean that I don’t see or notice the great things that are happening around me.

For this reason I thought I would do a 2012 round up as I have achieved quite a few of my goals this year, some I never thought I would.

My main goals in 2011:

Leave my job as a Events and Wedding Manager – I did this in April this year!

Be working from home on Buttons Children’s Parties full time – Yep

Get a Border Terrier Puppy – In August this year we got little Milo, who is now quite big Milo.

Replace my little KA with a car that would take all my party and styling equipment – I love my new big car.

Goals throughout the year:

I got my first Celebrity booking!

I didn’t quite get as many of the big summer family fun day bookings I would have liked.

I did get lots of nice big corporate Christmas bookings.

The children’s party book I wanted to have published didn’t happen 🙁

I grew my team, In April it was just me and I now have Stevie who is my other full time entertainer and 5 party assistants.

Started my Ellie Kelly blog and now have an average of 500 unique visitors a month


Buttons Children's Parties


I am extremely proud of the company I have created and the work that it does.

It would not have been possible however with out my AMAZING family and friends who have been so supportive and encouraging. And of course without all the LOVELY mums and dads to have trusted in me and booked Buttons for there child’s special day.

We have been welcomed into 172 homes and families this year and entertained over 4,500 children. I have met some really lovely parents who I hope to see again and again and of course some delightful children who have made me laugh a lot.

This photo below is of me and Imogen, Imogen’s lovely mum booked me for her 4th birthday in December 2011 and since then I have seen her at around 5 other parties and then again at her own 5th birthday party this year. She has to be the birthday child I have seen the most this year and it has been a delight every time. Her mum sent me an email after the last party to tell me what Imogen had said on the way home.

‘Mummy do you know what an entertainer is? Someone who is fun and lovely and Ellie Kelly is both of those!”

This is why I love my job.


Buttons Children's Parties


More photos from 2012


Buttons Children's Parties

Buttons Children's Parties

Buttons Children's Parties

Buttons Children's Parties

Buttons Children's Parties


My goals for 2013:

Find more fantastic party people to work with Buttons.

Double the number of parties we have provided in 2012.

Treat me and Stevie to an advanced face painting course.

Double the number of people who read this blog

Smile and laugh just as much, if not more than this year.


This is a very BIG thank you to everyone who has booked a Buttons Party, read my blog and supported me in this super exciting year. 


Happy New Year everyone, many 2013 be fantastic for you all 🙂



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  1. I’m quite sure we’ll be seeing you for Tabytha’s next birthday party – have a fabulous NY & well done for achieving so many of your goals. X

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