Sainsburys Bumper Book of Summer

9th Aug 2013


I am always on the look out for new party ideas, games and things to do with the children, so when I saw this book on the shelf I thought why not get it and see if it has any gems inside.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t find anything mind blowing but it really is full of fun thing for kids to do. Lots of the games really take me back to my summer holidays on Anglesey. We would be up at 7am in the field making dens and not come back in till dark after a full day of playing on the beach, in the sea and games in the garden.

There are lots of crafty things to do such as decorating with shells. I did this with my bedroom mirror, I collected shells on the beach and then cleaned and varnished them all before designing a pattern on wall mirror and sticking them on. They are still there today!


Bumper Book of Summer


There are tons of games to play as well, three that jumped out at me are:

Water bomb catch – you have to stand in a small circle and gently throw the water bomb around the group. Each time you get back to the start everyone has to take a step back until you have to make really big throw and someone gets drenched!

Fancy-dress race – lay out a racecourse with clothes and two team have to race each other along the course putting clothes on as they go. You can even get them to pose for a photo at the end then race back taking them off ready for the next two players if you have lots of children playing.

Backwards front facing swimming race – so perfect for a pool party or while on holiday. Everyone has to race across the pool on there fronts but moving backwards! You can also do Feet-first race, you guessed it.

This book is going to be a very helpful reminder of games to play when I’m in need of some inspiration and I’m sure create tons of fun when I have my own children.

It’s £5 and comes with a bumper scrap book DVD (haven’t look at this bit but I think it’s full of how-to’s) and a poster.



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  1. Adam says:

    Great ideas for the summer holidays! Having ‘bored’ kids is always a pain, so any inspiration for new games is always welcome!

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