Glitter Body Art

9th Dec 2012


I discovered these in Summer and the kids LOVE them, so I have just purchased some new Christmas designs for my December parties and can’t wait to get glittering!



The glitter art is ideal for children who are not keen on face painting or at events when face painting it not appropriate, such as a wedding. Paint and a white wedding dress!! I don’t think so.



I purchased my kit online at Glitter Body Art Ltd and at first got a kit with a selection of templates, three brushes and a lovely selection of glitters. I then popped back last week and got my Christmas templates that are only 75p + VAT for 5.

It is a very simple process. You simply stick the template on your body, peel off the top layer and then paint a thin layer of the body glue on top of the pattern. You then sprinkle the glitter over the top and dust of any excess. Then carefully peel back the template and wala!



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  1. I am so getting some of these!

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