Geocaching with kids

7th Feb 2019


Let me start by saying I am not writing this blog with any kind of expert background. I have done this once. Yes once. But i think its fantastic and wanted to share it with you all.

I am part of the Nurture Nature – Lets go play outside facebook group run by Claire Bones (of Lady Bird Adventures) and Jemma Louise (of Thimble and Twig). They have created a #12familyadventures challenge for this year and February is Go Geocaching.

I wasn’t sure i would join in with this month but when i was looking for something free to to do with Neive yesterday I decided to downloaded an app to see what the deal was. I could not believe how many hidden boxes, sorry, caches there are around where i live. Tons.

The app i got is called Geocaching and it’s free in it’s basic form, and that is all I would need doing this with Neive as some fun. I then searched Geocaching rules and had a read of this site.  I’m glad i did.

And then I looked up Geocaching terms and had a read of this site.

Next we just went for a walk.

It’s a walk down the canal that I have done hundreds of times but this time were had a mission. The app told me the location, gave me a hint on what to look for (if i wanted the hint) and what size it was.

I knew from reading the posts linked above that some larger (not micro) caches have geo-swag inside and you can take one of these swag items out if you put something back in. I let Neive know that if she found something she wanted to take home she would need to leave the conker spider we had made and i had taken with me as swag swapies. She was fine with that and wanted to take home a little paper flag from the box. I wanted the girl guide badge but never mind 🙂

I didn’t take a pen with me though so could not write in the log that we had found the cache and made swap. Like i said this is my first time. Hint to you, take a pen or pencil.

What a great reason to get out for a walk. We are planning on doing this with friends of ours again soon as they have tons around them as well in a park we really like. 4 adults, three kids and dog. What could go wrong.

Have you done Geocaching and what do you think? Any tips?


Ellie xx


4 Responses to “Geocaching with kids”

  1. I’m so glad we inspired you to try geocaching. We’ve only been once two. Your trip sounds lovely. I hope you have many more fun adventures

  2. Adam says:

    Welcome to this amazing world of Geocaching. I am the editor of the Uk’s dedicacted geocaching magazine and a not for profit business to help people get started and to get the most out of geocaching.
    Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can help you with.


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