Top Party Games for ages 3-6 years

26th 10 2017. Posted in Parties by elliekelly


At this age the classics are the very best!

If you have a theme to the party then you will be sure to find tons of themed party games you could also incude but i say unless you are used to dealing with groups of children then dont add in to many ‘diffrent’ games that need lots of explaining and the children will get bored before you even start.

Game 1 – Musical Bumps

Tell the children that when the music is on they need to dance and twirl around and when the music stops they all have to sit down as fast as they can. The fastest wins a prize (im all for chidlrne learning they cant always win but being out at a party is rubbish) Keep going until everyone has won.

You will need: Music you can start and stop and prizes


Game 2 – Pass the parcel

A classic but I have a few tips for this one. First point. If you don’t know the exact number of children coming to the party do not try and do a Pass the Parcel layer for everyone. It will end in tears if one person does not get a go or someone who has already had a go, wins. Second point. If you’re doing a layer for everyone, you do not have to put a prize in each layer. If you’re not doing a layer for everyone don’t put a prize in the layers and just do around 5/8 layers. Make sure each one is a different colour and turn the game into a guessing game. Anyone who does good guessing wins a prize at the end and one person gets the main prize. Everyone is a winner and everyone is happy. See my how to make video

You will need:  A main prize (something easy to wrap) tissue paper for wrapping, little prizes for other children (optional), music.


Game 3 – Sleeping Lions

A classic and this is a nice game to do after a busy energetic one esp for children aged 3. All the children need to lie face up on the floor and pretend to be sleeping lions. It’s your job to see if you can wake them up. The aim is for the children to stay still while you prowl around saying funny things, making silly noises and if they are really good, tickling the children. As soon as one of them moves they are awake and need to get up and prowl around with you. I would limit the children to only making silly noises and not touching the other children otherwise it becomes mayhem. When you only have one child left that has not moved/woken up they are declared the winner.

You will need: one prize for the winner


Game 4 – Musical Statues  

Tell the children when the party music is on you are going to give them a challenge and they must move around the room doing that challenge (jumping, hopping, flying ect). When the music stops though they have to freeze and whoever is standing the stillest will win a prize.

You will need: Music you can start and stop, a list of challenges and prizes


Game 5 – Duck, Duck, Goose   

Get the children to sit in a circle and then do a demo for them. Walk around the circle tapping every one of the head and saying duck. Tell the children that whoever you tap and say Goose must chase you around the circle until you get back to their place and sit down. If they get you, you have to sit in the duck pond in the middle until the next person is out. Do this once and then let the children each have a go advising the children to pick someone who has not had a go yet each time.

You don’t need anything for this game


Other tops things to have are bubbles, name stickers for them to decorate whern they arrive (they dont tend to stay on for long) and balloons.

Have tons of fun!!

Ellie x




Baby play – Egg carton & Nature

7th 08 2017. Posted in Magical Moments at Home by elliekelly


Neive has LOVED all the time outside over the last few weeks (lets hope for more sun though) and has been very keen to touch all the plants and flowers. I made up a little nature egg box for her to discover the other day and it was a hit, the egg box just as much as the flower, stick and leaves.

She is in her 8th leap at the moment so she is really getting to grips with cause and effect and working out how things work and what she needs to do, and in what order to get the resutls she is looking for.


Baby nature play




Summer Sand Bucket List

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Party Gatecrashers – Siblings

15th 07 2017. Posted in Parties by elliekelly

  Being a parent is bloody hard work, I did know this before I became one but now I reallllly know it. So I am very mindful not to judge parents or any parenting. But, this I just can’t get my head around. I’m going to try not to have to big a rant. Siblings […]

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  As well as Neive’s party we did want to have a quite family day with her to celebrate, at the last minute we decided on Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead. We thought something with close up animal opportunities would be better than the Zoo at her age and none of us were quite up for […]

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Baby sensory play with ice

19th 06 2017. Posted in Magical Moments at Home by elliekelly

  This is the perfect baby sensory play on days as hot as these! It’s sooo hot!! I do love the sun and the heat but i would rather be on holiday when it’s this hot, by a pool with a cold drink. Running around after a baby and hosting kid’s parties in 30+ heat […]

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Baby play with balloons

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BFG Dream Jar

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How to make Pass the Parcel

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