Party games for children 7 years +

8th 11 2017. Posted in Parties by elliekelly


When children turn 7 they tend to move away from the classic party games such as pass the parcel, duck duck goose and musical bumps and at Buttons we have a great collection of games that older children love. Below are a few of the top games



Mummy Wrap 

A Halloween classic but just as much fun the rest of the year.

You will need:

  • Two teams of children
  • Two children who have volunteered to be the mummy
  • Two rolls of toilet roll
  • A camera!

You need to get the mummies to stand apart near there team and ask them to keep nice and still with arms across their body. Then tell each team then they will all have the same amount of time to wrap their team mate up but the best mummy (no gaps or cloths showing) wins. Get them to start at the legs and roll the toilet roll around and around until they are at the neck. I always tell the children to go around the head but leave the mummy’s face open. You might want a couple of adults hand to help just in case any children find this harder.

Hula Hoop Race

You will need:

  • Two hula hoops
  • Two teams

Get each team to hold hands with each other and make a line facing the other team. The aim of the game is to get the hula hoop from one end of the line to the other. The hoop therefore needs to go over the children’s heads and they need to step though it one at a time. Give the children a demo of this first and I like to have three rounds as this game is quite a fast one.


Film Game 

You will need

  • A play list of film songs
  • Prizes

Gather the children around you on the floor and tell them that each song you play is from a film. They must put their hands up if they know the name of the film to win a prize. This is a great game for between two high energy games. Think Disney film, Frozen, Moana, Star Wars, Lego movie ect.

Smartie Race 

This is a really fun one! You can see my older blog post on this gae with a list of what you need. Click the link


Have fun partying!



Top Party Games for ages 3-6 years

26th 10 2017. Posted in Parties by elliekelly


At this age the classics are the very best!

If you have a theme to the party then you will be sure to find tons of themed party games you could also incude but i say unless you are used to dealing with groups of children then dont add in to many ‘diffrent’ games that need lots of explaining and the children will get bored before you even start.

Game 1 – Musical Bumps

Tell the children that when the music is on they need to dance and twirl around and when the music stops they all have to sit down as fast as they can. The fastest wins a prize (im all for chidlrne learning they cant always win but being out at a party is rubbish) Keep going until everyone has won.

You will need: Music you can start and stop and prizes


Game 2 – Pass the parcel

A classic but I have a few tips for this one. First point. If you don’t know the exact number of children coming to the party do not try and do a Pass the Parcel layer for everyone. It will end in tears if one person does not get a go or someone who has already had a go, wins. Second point. If you’re doing a layer for everyone, you do not have to put a prize in each layer. If you’re not doing a layer for everyone don’t put a prize in the layers and just do around 5/8 layers. Make sure each one is a different colour and turn the game into a guessing game. Anyone who does good guessing wins a prize at the end and one person gets the main prize. Everyone is a winner and everyone is happy. See my how to make video

You will need:  A main prize (something easy to wrap) tissue paper for wrapping, little prizes for other children (optional), music.


Game 3 – Sleeping Lions

A classic and this is a nice game to do after a busy energetic one esp for children aged 3. All the children need to lie face up on the floor and pretend to be sleeping lions. It’s your job to see if you can wake them up. The aim is for the children to stay still while you prowl around saying funny things, making silly noises and if they are really good, tickling the children. As soon as one of them moves they are awake and need to get up and prowl around with you. I would limit the children to only making silly noises and not touching the other children otherwise it becomes mayhem. When you only have one child left that has not moved/woken up they are declared the winner.

You will need: one prize for the winner


Game 4 – Musical Statues  

Tell the children when the party music is on you are going to give them a challenge and they must move around the room doing that challenge (jumping, hopping, flying ect). When the music stops though they have to freeze and whoever is standing the stillest will win a prize.

You will need: Music you can start and stop, a list of challenges and prizes


Game 5 – Duck, Duck, Goose   

Get the children to sit in a circle and then do a demo for them. Walk around the circle tapping every one of the head and saying duck. Tell the children that whoever you tap and say Goose must chase you around the circle until you get back to their place and sit down. If they get you, you have to sit in the duck pond in the middle until the next person is out. Do this once and then let the children each have a go advising the children to pick someone who has not had a go yet each time.

You don’t need anything for this game


Other tops things to have are bubbles, name stickers for them to decorate whern they arrive (they dont tend to stay on for long) and balloons.

Have tons of fun!!

Ellie x




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