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Intentions for 2018

4th 01 2018. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly


I set Goals for my business, but I don’t make New Year resolutions. I’m not sure why, I guess it’s the setting yourself up to fail part. This year after some inspiration from Dawn French (I have her Me . You dairy) I have made a list of intentions. Maybe they are the the same thing but just sounds nicer!?


They are things I would like to work on but am not going to beat myself up over, a list I will take a look at every so often to see how I’m doing.

This first one I stole from Dawn

  • Make sure wanting stuff doesn’t allow me to forget what i already have
  • Spend wisely
  • Plan out my days in advance so they have time for both work and fun
  • Don’t beat myself up if some days are all work or all fun
  • Waste less food
  • I would like to have a year making gifts for my friends and family
  • Kiss more
  • Less T.V (I did well at this last year but need to get back in the habit of having some evenings off)

Do you have a New Years resolutions or a list of intentions?






Summer Sand Bucket List

28th 07 2017. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly


When I was a kid the 8 weeks I had off for summer seemed like an eternity. Now I can’t even seen to fit in a picnic before the summers out.

Not this year! I am making a list of all the family things I would like us to do, and of course that means it will all happen…. well if I do more than half I will be pleased.


  1. Lido – we have a few around us, Guildford and Aldershot so i need to get a few peeps together and get going.
  2. Fruit picking – I have only done this once for an anniversary date in 2013 with Mr Kelly and i would love to go with Neive as she is a BIG fan of strawberries and raspberries.
  3. The Zoo – Marwell would be our choice
  4. Aquarium – I have heard Sea Life in Brighton is good
  5. Festival – A one-day festival, I don’t have any of the weekends off that the big family festivals are on so we need to find a one day one that’s not too far.
  6. Farm – We might look for a new one but I think we will end up going back to Bocketts Farm for a day as we were impressed when we went for Neive party.
  7. Beach – we normally go to Mudeford or Avon so we need to plan this in for a day trip so Neive can feel the sand between her toes.
  8. A picnic in the park – this is a plan with friends every year and I don’t think we have manged it yet between work and the weather.


We went fruit picking before I even managed to publish this list! One done 🙂


Fruit Picking





Bocketts Farm – family day out

14th 07 2017. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

  As well as Neive’s party we did want to have a quite family day with her to celebrate, at the last minute we decided on Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead. We thought something with close up animal opportunities would be better than the Zoo at her age and none of us were quite up for […]

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Eric Carle 1st Birthday

10th 07 2017. Posted in Buttons Parties, Family Life by elliekelly

  That was the fastest year EVER!   I know it’s a cliché and everyone tells you how quickly they grow up but I really couldn’t comprehend just how fast time was going to go, or how fast Neive was going to grow up. She is walking around and it seems so normal that it’s […]

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Baby friendly holiday Isle of Wight

28th 04 2017. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

  We got back last night from a short Family holiday on the Isle of Wight to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary. With two dogs, four adults and one baby it took quite a bit of searching to find the right place. I had to write about this place as the owners really put […]

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First blog as a mummy

4th 02 2017. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

    So after a very long time away from blogging I’m back, and now I’m a mummy!! I had Neive (Neive Isla Kelly, 8lb) on the 24th June and I can’t believe she is already 7 months old. How time has flown. I took a few months off work while the team looked after […]

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Getting the nursery ready – time lapse

9th 06 2016. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

  We have been working on the nursery on and off for weeks in between work and all the other job and with two weeks to go we are finally finished, i think. How can such a little person need so much stuff!    

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Cloud Mobile

17th 05 2016. Posted in Family Life, Making & Baking by elliekelly

  Our task for the Make Films course I am taking was a ‘How To’ film so I made mine on the cloud mobile I was planning for the nursery.      

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Memories to cherish – Make Films

8th 04 2016. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

  I have recently started an on line film making course with Xanthe Berkeley and I am loving it. I really enjoy making films and have been doing some for Buttons for a while now but I was keen to learn more and start making them to capture the everyday and special times in my […]

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Nursery Prep & Ideas

5th 04 2016. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

  When is the right time to start decorating a babies room? I guess there is no answer to that and it’s personal preference. Part of me wants to go mad and start looking for and making lots of lovely bits and the other half (the one that is superstitious) doest want to start to […]

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